Jonathan Butzke

Current Status

I am currently (as of Spring 2015) a PhD student in the SBP Lab here at CMU.  My interests are in Robot Design, System Integration, Path Planning, Exploration, Navigation, and High-level Control.

I am also looking for a job...

Previous Experience

19 years as a Navy Officer - qualified and served as a Ship's Engineer for a Fast-Attack Nuclear Submarine (USS OKLAHOMA CITY, SSN-723) and division officer (USS TOLEDO, SSN-769).

Taught undergrad Logic Design Lab and Intro to Robotics courses.


  • Mechanical
    • Tools - Mill, Lathe, Brake, Press, just about every hand tool known to mankind
    • Past Projects - automotive engine rebuild, ground robot design & construction, UAV design & construction
  • Electrical
    • Residential construction, digital circuit design, SMD soldering, PCB layout
  • Computer
    • Software - C, C++, 6800 series assembly, Matlab, Solidworks, Linux, ROS
    • Hardware - Arduino, COM Express, TTL, SMD

Past Robotics Projects


Designed and constructed the frame, computer case, stabilization system and other mechanical components, and the electrical distribution and storage systems, . 


Modified existing UAV kit to add sensors and additional computational devices to the UAV.  Wrote the drivers, controllers, and high-level logic control nodes for the system.  Performed all flight testing and design verifications testing.