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ROS Fuerte
Arm Navigation
(install documentation below)
MoveIt! (only compatible with June 2012)
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How to get started (ROS Fuerte):

Download & Compile:

0) Install prerequisites:
sudo apt-get install ros-fuerte-pr2-kinematics ros-fuerte-arm-navigation ros-fuerte-arm-navigation-experimental
1) Get the Arm Planner:
2) Get the SBPL:
3) Build the SBPL. Follow the directions here:
4) Build the Arm Planner:
rosmake sbpl_arm_planner_node
5) Build the test package (for testing the planner):
rosmake simple_arm_utils

Run Demo:

Make sure you added this to your bashrc: export ROBOT=sim
Terminal 1 - Bring up Gazebo & Right Arm Navigation Stack
roslaunch simple_arm_control gazebo_with_right_arm_nav.launch
Terminal 2 - Bring up RViz (add display for visualization markers)
rosrun rviz rviz
Terminal 3 - Launch the planner for the right arm
roslaunch sbpl_arm_planner_node sbpl_planning_right_arm.launch
Terminal 4 - Request a motion plan
roslaunch simple_arm_control goal1.launch